Selena King

Executive Director

As Executive Director of Everywhen, Selena has worked across the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander sector for over 25 years, servicing community, Government (both States and Federal) and the NGO sector. A staunch advocate for community-control and the return of decision-making into the hands of service users, Selena believes non-Indigenous Australia has a responsibility to enable our First Nations people to pioneer their own futures.

Selena has developed significant and deep relationships across the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leadership sector and community, through utilizing her diverse skill-sets across workforce leadership and development, and community engagement, to drive meaningful and sustainable change.

Selena is a QLD Council member for the AIIA (Australia Information Industry Association) and leads out a Diversity and Inclusion agenda for this membership body.


  • Designed and led the delivery of multiple HR initiatives across workforce development, change management and leadership across the Aboriginal community-controlled sector
  • Delivered Indigenous Board and executive search and selection processes for Government and the community-based sector
  • Project managed the provision of a trauma-informed National messaging campaign for Federal Government
  • Project managed the creation of a communications and change strategy for the Aboriginal health sector
  • Delivered Board governance training within the community-based sector
  • Delivered training and best practice recruitment methodology for building an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workforce
  • Directed and led Advertising and recruitment campaigns (digital and print) for specialized First Nations appointments

Key Capabilities

  • Cultural Intelligence 
  • Strategy, Policy and Design 
  • Workforce Enablement and Economic Development 
  • Research, Data and Evaluation 
  • Digital, Brand and Communications 
  • Governance, Performance and Risk

“As a country, we are lucky enough to work and live alongside the oldest living culture in the world. As individuals and collectives, we have a responsibility to cultivate new environments that will enable our First Nations people to drive their own self-determined aspirations across economic and social hierarchies. I consider myself privileged to be a part of that journey.”