We offer unique value, and enable a multiplier on your social return on investment.

We offer six core capabilities that we believe are mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive (MECE) to the requirements of self-determination, capacity building, economic independence, and structural reform.

1. Cultural Intelligence

  • Cultural safety, capability, and competency frameworks and action plans, executive and senior leader coaching, and trauma-informed healing methodologies
  • Reconciliation Action Plans (RAP), Indigenous Employment Strategies (IES)
  • Indigenous Procurement and Participation Plans, and supplier pipeline development
  • Native Title works and cultural heritage projects

2. Strategy, Policy and Design

  • Business transformation and change management projects
  • Organisational architecture, development, and design
  • Design thinking and human-centred design methodologies
  • Business growth and sustainability projects
  • Good governance, board effectiveness, quality assurance and policy design

3. Workforce, Leadership and Economic Development

  • Board appointments, executive search, recruitment, and employment, retention, and development frameworks and action plans
  • Culture, 360-degree feedback and leadership development
  • Education and enterprise strategy, financial performance
  • Community-led and supportive ecosystem development

4. Digital, Brand and Communications

  • Digital literacy, learning solutions, digital products
  • Digital enablement, and connecting communities
  • Brand development, user design and user experience
  • Storytelling and targeted communication

5. Research, Data and Evaluation

  • Impact evaluation and program efficacy measurement
  • Customer and audience analysis, net promoter score development
  • Co-determined metrics of measuring success and social return on investment
  • Indigenous data sovereignty
  • Ethical research and analysis methodologies  

6. Governance, Performance and Risk

  • Community and corporate governance (including Lore and Law)
  • Organisational performance
  • Risk and issues management
  • Board dynamics and effective governance

Our Guiding Principles

Our vision is the destination on the map, our guiding principles is the compass to help us get there.

We are agents of truth

We seek truth, we own our promises and our actions. We walk together with community to enable truth-telling and allow truth to guide our work. We pragmatically challenge assumptions and remain relentlessly curious in the pursuit of truth. We are accountable to community and the truth.

We stimulate innovative thinking and bold ideas

We are confident and courageous in collaboration, approach and design. We are purposeful and diligent in our endless pursuit of getting to a better place. Indigenous knowledge and fresh perspectives enable us to continually solve complex problems. We embody Indigenous ways of thinking and being, and blend with Eurocentric philosophy to create strategic, implementable solutions.

We accept mistakes

We don’t settle for anything less than excellence. We are unapologetic in our pursuit of social and economic parity for Australia’s First Nations people, and this is reflected in all of our work. Together with our customers, and our people, we create change through high performance. We have the bravery and vulnerability to admit when we are wrong, and the courage to change, continually improve and evolve.

We build social value through commercial strength

We are driven to impact invest. It’s not just alright to be commercial, it’s essential. Investing in ourselves and our customers creates a shared commitment to change. Prosperity must be underpinned by social and economic opportunity.

We champion voice

We are vocal on critical matters that affect our sector, and we work with community to strategically amplify their voice. We outwardly celebrate the success of our customers and our people and nurture an environment of independence in thinking and expression. We utilise the vehicle of communication across diverse platforms to deliver messages of significance. Our collective voice is heard from a position of influence, communicated strategically and impactfully through strong partnerships.

We deliver exceptional customer service

We simply do more than what is expected. We know our business inside and out, we always maintain a positive attitude and we creatively problem solve. We respond quickly every time, no exceptions. We actively listen, not waiting to respond, and we embody a personal approach. We simply keep our word and go above and beyond to make memorable impressions – on all stakeholders – at every touch point of brand interaction.

We understand that every moment counts

We enable and empower with every piece of energy. We are accountable to community and to clients, therefore we are working on their clock – we are acutely aware every second counts. We are driven to impact positively at every interaction and maximise every opportunity to influence a moment. We make an impression.