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The Everywhen Way

You cannot empower, without enabling first.

The Everywhen Way is a conceptual framework that guides and informs the decision-making process of all our work.


Truth is where it starts, creating the foundation for freedom and sustainability – acknowledging and understanding the role of intergenerational trauma.

Enabling opportunities to voice and learn about the truth ensures programs and partnerships are built with integrity for shared prosperity.


Healing comes after truth, a space where stories are told, perspectives are respected, and the healing journey is taken together – an integral step towards reconciliation.

Enabling opportunities for trauma-informed healing to take place ensures the past is recognised, and the complexities and nuances of the whole person, community and culture is embraced and supported.


Self-determination is realised when truth and healing have enabled the process of choice – the freedom and strength to decide on what is best for the individual and the collective.

Enabling opportunities for First Nations voices to be part of the decision-making process for Indigenous and Non-Indigenous outcomes, ensures Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people play a leading role in restoration through reciprocity.

Economic Independence

Economic Independence is actualised when truth, healing and self-determination combine to provide a platform for socio-economic stability.

Enabling opportunities to partner with First Nations for wealth creation through economic empowerment is paramount to the economic and social health of Australia.

Indigenous leadership

Indigenous leadership and success is Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander executives and board members, as much as it is frontline health workers of community controlled providers.

Enabling opportunities for Indigenous ways of knowing, being and doing to be embedded in Australian business and society will rewrite the narrative and add immeasurable value to our existing way of life.  

Our Approach

We Listen

Our listening approach ensures we uncover the real need. Through key lines of enquiry we ask the right questions to uncover the challenge and actively listen to thoroughly absorb all information. We take a path of divergence to gather quantitative and qualitative data, before we then converge with a targeted approach to hypothesising potential solutions.

We Design

Our co-design process ensures fit-for-purpose excellence. From our experience, the best design results come from the human at the centre of the need, blended with experts with diverse backgrounds and perspectives working together to push the thinking. Our approach prioritises design thinking, a process to drive creativity and innovation. It incorporates the rigour of the traditional analytical design approach, but it begins with the end user and includes periods of open-ended, divergent, exploratory thinking.

We Enable

We enable community-led solutions. We are driven by the power of enablement and the endless possibilities it presents. Our approach to enable ensures we work together to develop solutions that will endure. We adopt an iterative approach to implementation to ensure that all relevant information that is captured in the Listen and Design stage is continually tested and refined as new information comes to light.

We Grow

Our unified approach ensures we grow together. At the beginning we ‘run in front’ and take a lead to ensure we are trying to solve the right challenge. Next, we ‘run beside’ and work collaboratively to design and enable implementation of the solution. Lastly, we ‘run behind’ and play a supporting role to those who are leading the delivery of the solution.   

Our Patron

Aunty Ed (Heather Edwards)

Aunty Ed

Everywhen stands on the shoulders of giants. We lift our heads and our eyes to see further because of those that have gone before us.

We benefit today with freedom and choice because of the sacrifices past generations have made and continue to make.

They have laid the foundations for us to lead and succeed.

Everywhen continues to be guided by Elders and their stories and experiences of the past, the wisdom they bring to the present, and the legacy they will pass on to the future.

We particularly respect and honour our Patron Aunty Ed, Heather Edwards, who continues to pass on knowledge, traditions and old ways to ensure our culture is rich, real and alive. 

Our purpose of uniting for enduring change is driven by these teachings to truly enable our vision of First Nations leadership and success.