Acknowledgement of Country

Everywhen Group is an
Aboriginal Management Consulting Firm

Everywhen is Aboriginal owned and led.

Created to unite Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Australia for enduring change.

We work with Non-Indigenous bodies to deliver on commitments that advance First Nations interests, and we work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations and communities to enable and empower for leadership and success.

Everywhen is an Indigenous concept of time, it is where the past, present and future are interconnected.

The past is the birthplace of our stories.

The present is where our voice is heard.

The future is where our legacy is realised.

We are – Everywhen

Our Strategic Priorities

At no time in history has it been more critical to unite for enduring change. The opportunity to partner and co-design solutions that make a difference is now. Everywhen is committed to playing a lead role in changing existing paradigms and rewriting the current narrative.

Our purpose, vision and strategic priorities chart a bold and courageous path towards a shared future of First Nations leadership and success. We exist to enable Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to live empowered lives, and believe self-determining First Nations families and communities with access to real opportunities is paramount to the economic and social health of Australia.

We believe our four strategic priorities will truly move the needle towards social and economic change. Each strategic priority has ambitious targets that are measurable and align with our purpose, enabling us to realise our vision. They draw out the capabilities, energy and commitment of our people to heighten our impact and generate greater social return on investment.


  • Everywhen believes in the rights of First Nations communities to be architects and authors of their own story, for a culturally safe and equitable future.
  • Our work is committed to the foundation of enabling self-determination, freedom of choice and acknowledgement of the truthful past.

Capacity Building

  • Everywhen believes in strengthening the organisational capacity of Indigenous, government and private organisations to improve economic and societal outcomes for First Nations communities.
  • Our work is culturally grounded and led by co-design. We apply Indigenous ways of knowing, being and doing and blend with structured thinking to deliver solutions that will endure.

Structural Reform

  • Everywhen believes Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples voices can be heard at the highest levels of decision making, with considered and purposeful shifts to existing systems.
  • Our work ensures investment is in levers that will have disproportionate positive effect. We are dedicated to strategically disrupt paradigms and structure, and explore both conceptually and practically a new way forward.

Our Approach

Pragmatic, personal and performed together

Our methodology is simple, it’s logical and impactful. With a human-centred design focus we ensure design and delivery is informed, deeply considerate of the user and deliberate for sustainability.

Delivering on our purpose

Our work is highly impactful and is driven to unite for enduring change in Australia. We have diverse capabilities and work across multiple sectors to deliver our purpose.  

Our Capabilities
Our Guiding Principles

Charting the way forward

Our vision is the destination on the map, our guiding principles is the compass to help us get there. We are lucky we love our work, and the way we do it.

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