Our Purpose

At no time in history has it been more critical to unite for enduring change. The opportunity to partner and co-design solutions that make a difference is now.

Unity and a commitment of togetherness in getting the job done brings healing qualities. It enables progress, which is often the result of accountability and responsibility. First Nations people and non-Indigenous Australia uniting on a shared journey for a shared outcome – enduring change.

Unity requires us to talk with each other, listen to each other – learn from others’ perspectives and lived experiences, and acknowledge truths of the past to validate our individual and collective needs.

Committing to unity as a priority, as a new thought pattern, puts co-design and collaboration at the forefront of problem solving and decision making. This approach informs the development of methodologies that enable a process where diversity of thought and experience are celebrated and explored for new value creation.

Unity is dedicating to a better way, a more informed and empathetic way. A pathway that leads to enduring change. Change that is required in this county, deconstructing the existing differentials of power and opportunity. Closing gaps in society and across the economy, gaps that were born from race and grown through discrimination.

Uniting for enduring change is as much about righting historic wrongs, as it is about celebrating a better way forward, and enabling the richness of diversity in all its dimensions to highlight the comprehensively underutilised value and talents of First Nations people to the benefit of all Australians.  

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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are advised that this website makes every effort to respect cultural traditions and protocols. First Nations readers are advised content may contain images, voices, videos and names of people who have passed away.

We acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and First Nations, Traditional Custodians of Australia’s lands and waterways. We also acknowledge the dispossession of First Nations people from their lands, the dispersal and relocation of communities, the erosion of traditional customs and languages, and the removal of children from their families, have resulted in the disconnection of generations of families from their traditional homelands, languages and culture.

We pay our respect to Elders of the past, those of the present and those of the future for they hold the stories, culture and traditions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people