Organisational transformation of an Aboriginal Medical Service

Gidgee Healing is an Aboriginal and Community Controlled Health Service responsible for providing comprehensive primary health care services to regional Queensland.

A new approach was required to improve operational efficiency and service delivery effectiveness

Located in Mt Isa, situated in the Lower Gulf region of Queensland, Gidgee Healing is a successful Aboriginal community-controlled health organisation. Operating across four regional sites (Mount Isa, Normanton, Doomadgee, and Mornington Island), Gidgee Healing delivers holistic health care to families across the lifecycle from birth to adulthood.

Everywhen led the co-design of a transformation and implementation strategy to optimise people, system, and processes

Everywhen worked with Gidgee Healing and its executive leadership team to develop a change management program around six key pillars of operation – Systems and Processes, Organisational Development, Financial Management, Workforce Solutions, Leadership and Development, and Marketing and Communications.

Everywhen partnered with Gidgee Healing to restructure and transform internal processes and systems, redesigned external engagement methods to enable the organisation to deepen connection with community, increased access, and uptake of services, while positioning Gidgee Healing to scale for growth.

Everywhen’s approach was pragmatic, personal and performed together

  1. We listen – consulted with Gidgee Healing board, leadership and staff, clients, community members and local stakeholder organisations to conduct an initial gap analysis and to identify barriers and enablers to future state.
  2. We design – facilitated co-design consultation workshops through various engagement methods with a variety of diverse stakeholders to ensure community, Gidgee Healing leadership and stakeholders were heard and deeply involved in the design of their solution.
  3. We enable – located ourselves at Gidgee Healing head office in Mt Isa for a period of ten months to provide on-site support, enabling self-determination of the transformation process. We adopted an iterative approach to implementation to ensure that all relevant information that was captured in the Listen and Design stages was continually tested and refined as new information was made available.
  4. We grow – We continued to work closely with the CEO and leadership team to address areas for improvement post adoption of transformation.

Gidgee Healing now has a resilient and structured operations model to enable high performance health

The new operational architecture will support the six key pillars of Gidgee Healing while supporting the Aboriginal Medical Service sector and practice across the Mount Isa, Normanton, Doomadgee, and Mornington Island regions for excellence in health care for future generations.

The operational architecture has been designed to:

  • Enable integrated communications for the regional sites to feel more connected to the organisation. Inclusive of a culturally safe and responsive website, with video footage and still photography undertaken by the Canvas3 team on-site regionally.
  • Increased efficiency and effectiveness across all elements of people, process and systems related operational activities. Greater structure and robust support enabled the transformation of all six key pillars to be a trusted and seamless process.
  • Improved external engagement methods that enabled deeper connection with community, with increased access and uptake of services. Achieving a greater sense of inclusion and identity for the regional and remote sites in particular, enabling greater engagement and trust with community.
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